KitchenDraw 5.0

Kitchen and bathroom design software for private individuals and businesses
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This easy-to-use application can draw the complete layout of a kitchen or a bathroom with incredible finishes and perspectives. The costs of the project are generated automatically and can be customized. The application also generates photo realistic perspectives and all the necessary specification documents.

KitchenDraw is supplied with generic catalogues of kitchen cabinetry including a large variety of kitchen units and front models. Catalogues can be used as they are, but if required the dimensions of the units can be modified whilst placing them. New catalogues can be created and customized to avoid modifying dimensions each time a unit is placed.

The specification documents (estimates, invoices, etc.) can be printed directly in the application or output in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. Generating the documents through Microsoft Word gives the flexibility to customize them and the results are of better quality.

As to the pricing scheme: the application can be downloaded for free with 30 hours of use. Once the 30 hours have been used, subsequent hours cost 3 euros (US 3.5). Intensive users benefit from additional free hours, lowering the cost to as little as 1 euro per hour.

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  • Easy to use
  • 30 hours of use free for testing and training
  • If your language is not available, the application can be translated directly from inside


  • Once the free 30 hours are over, the billing method is per hours of use, having to load the extra hours
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