KitchenDraw 7.0

Generates designs for rooms and premises
Create floor plans, elevations, cutting lists, estimations and other kinds of data for designing rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other types of premises. The suite supports and updates custom catalogs, shares the design projects online, exports data in CSV files, etc.

KitchenDraw is intended for architectural and interior design, specifically that of kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike other similar programs available out there, the targeted users of this product are not common people wanting to plan their future home; instead, it is meant to be used by professionals, such as engineers, architects, and designers.

The program has a complex interface, mostly because it requires working with lots of parameters. In this respect, the tool lets you use accurate measurements to generate floor plans and elevations. Moreover, it can help estimate costs.

KitchenDraw needs to download online catalogs, from which you take the objects and tiling. These include prices, which facilitates working with a given budget. First, you are allowed to generate walls and lay tiles on them. Then, you can add other elements, like gables, cabinets, windows, and doors. All these items can easily be positioned by drag-and-drop operations. Moreover, they can be situated with accuracy and their measures adjusted by entering the needed parameters.

KitchenDraw allows viewing your project from different perspectives. In addition, there are various modes: top view, perspective, elevation, cutting lists, and prices. The resulting project can be saved using the program’s proprietary file type, but the views can be exported in various popular picture formats.

In general, KitchenDraw allows creating detailed plans and models of rooms. It has the advantage of producing quite realistic results. Regrettably, you have to pay a fee per hour of software use, which in my opinion is not very convenient.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Produces photorealistic views
  • Allows accurate measures and positions
  • Downloads online catalogs
  • Helps you calculate costs


  • Not suitable for the common user
  • Inconvenient payment for hour of use
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